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Why outdoors? Why nature?

Getting out into the wild, and discovering the stillness and the vastness of our mind can be some of the most transformational experiences of our lives. For us, this is enough of a motivation to take coaching and development work outside. However, there is also a large body of research showing the positive impacts on wellbeing, creativity, transformational change, wisdom, resilience and growth that come from working within nature and with nature. 

Countless scientific researches from the 1980s to the present demonstrate the positive impact of experiences in contact with Nature on our physical and psychological well-being. These positive effects translate into the improvement of the coachees’ ability to face their difficulties, developing their sense of self-efficacy, awareness and self-realization. At the heart of Nature Coaching is the reconnection of the coachee with Nature, as well as through it with its most authentic Nature, in terms of personal uniqueness, talent, skills, resources, ideas, intuitions, solutions, presence and awareness.

Image by Holly Mandarich
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Our programs are designed to develop awareness, intention and choice for individuals and teams in powerful and sustainable ways to support you. Like the natural world, we have all been shaped by the elements around us and by our own inner nature. We often show up in the world with limitations and conditions based on our past - this means we are all less impactful and less fulfilled than we could be. Our invitation to you is to get in touch, and to find out how our team can help you bring more intention, awareness and choice to your future, and to what you hold as important in this life.

Image by Marek Levák

We are all, fundamentally, part of the natural world. All our food, water, air and energy comes from the natural ecosystem, as does a lot of our medicine. All our waste is ultimately processed and recycled within the natural ecosystem. The biggest opportunities for our fulfilling and safe future come from being integrated into the natural systems, and all of our biggest threats as a species and civilization also come from the natural world, such as ecosystem collapse, climate change and new diseases. Simply put, if we don't start acting as though we are a key player within the natural world, we will miss our opportunity to have a successful and shared future looking ahead to our own lives and future generations.

Nature based coaching can be considered as an approach developed in connection with Nature (not in a simple “presence” of Nature). It is aimed at restoring human beings to their natural ability to take care of themselves, of other living creatures (human and non-human), and the Earth. We all have an ancestral ability to dialogue with Nature; retrieving it means recognizing our place in the broader context of all our relationships.

This way, coaching can contribute to conditions that help and sustain life on Earth, for generations to come. This nature-centred approach has, at its foundation, a view of each person (microcosmos) as the reflection of the macrocosmos (the world around us).

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