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Tom Goldstein

Professional, Leadership, Team & Life Coach

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  • MSc (Masters of Science) Psychology

  • PG Diploma in Behaviour Change and Systems

  • Certified Life Coach (CTI - CPCC, ICF - PCC)

  • Enneagram and DISC personality assessments accreditation

  • Certificate in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

  • Working with trauma / Mental Health First Aid

  • Level 3: Eco-Psychology Practitioner / Nature Guide

  • Certified mindfulness teacher and facilitator (CMT-P)

  • Embodiment and  somatic coaching

  • Certificate in Team Coaching

  • IFS (Internal Family Systems) and Systemic Coaching

  • Mountain Leader

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I am a certified life coach (CPCC) and mountain leader. I have a Masters degree in Psychology, and a PGDip in systemic behaviour change and well-being. In 2015 I was trained and certified by the Coach Training Institute (CTI), one of the most established and well respected coach training schools in the world. My training also includes NLP, communication skills, leadership development, positive psychology, team coaching, mindfulness and nature connection. I am also a certified mindfulness teacher, trained nature guide and facilitator.


During 15 years of my career in telecoms, I started off as a hardware engineer, moving to software and then customer support and technical pre-sales - in the UK, Europe, Americas, India, and APAC. I worked for small start-ups and large multi-nationals. I was involved in building and leading global teams for more than 5 years, consulting with customers to find their ideal solutions, internal and external training. I also worked closely with sales, marketing, product management, development and executive leadership teams.

My life has taken many twists and turns over the years, but I've always sought to understand myself and the world around me more deeply. I've often looked for adventure and learning in whatever form it has been available. I have had my fair share of success throughout my life, but I have also faced my own struggles and difficult times. Like many others, I have experienced anxiety, insecurity and a lack of self belief.  I have a great deal of drive, and slowing down has been something I've had to learn to do.


I have always been heavily involved in sports and physical activity, from team sports, to mainstream individual sports, to adventure sports. A combination of friends, family and community, coaching, therapy, my time in nature, my sports and my meditation have brought me peace, happiness and success in my career and my broader life. As well as ongoing professional development, I regularly take part in silent meditation retreats, often based in pristine nature.

I have over 500 hours coaching experience and over 600 hours of training specifically related to coaching and wellbeing. I am a certified ICF Professional Coach and Certified Mindfulness Teacher. My training has been in many different methods, which allow me to blend different techniques and tools to best suit your needs. I have been trained in individual and group / systemic coaching. I also have extensive experience with my own meditation practice and deep nature connection. I am a mountain leader and nature facilitation guide. 

My Philosophy

My purpose is to tirelessly connect people (including myself) to their deepest level of self-awareness. This involves a self-honesty that continuously seeks to find the deepest truth that is available to ourselves. It is about connecting to what’s real for each of us rather than relying on the narratives that have been conditioned into us. I coach to wake people up to their potential, their authenticity, their happiness and their success.

My approach to life and coaching brings an appreciation for the complexity and paradoxes inherent in being human and being part of the wider world. We are shaped by the world around us and we shape the world around us. We are a mix of many different competing needs, thoughts, beliefs and feelings. It is essential that we understand the complexities of our inner and outer systems in order to heal, develop and bring sustainable success, not just for ourselves, but for everyone and everything.

I believe in a world where we all take the time to explore and reflect on what is deeply important to us. I also believe that reflection isn't enough, to support a world that supports everyone takes motivation and committed action. If we are going to be stewards for our planet and everything that lives within it, we will need to accept the challenging stuff, and take responsibility to live by our values, for the good of ourselves and for the good of everyone.

It is important for me that I have walked the path, and continue to walk the path before I coach others to do the same. For me this means a lot of personal development, therapy, coaching and training over the past 10 years. I continually draw on this experience in my life and my coaching.

Figuring out who we really are and what we really want is the first step. Next we can recognise what is holding us back and be empowered to make the changes we desire.

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I believe it is important to focus on both the being and the doing in coaching. This greatly improves our ability to connect with our deeper insight, awareness, beliefs and motivations in a much more powerful way.

I help my clients develop their awareness of self and their awareness of their inter-relatedness in the world. Also known as adult developmental levels and systemic coaching, this approach allows my clients move beyond simply achieving goals and into powerful and transformational change.

As an experienced coach, it is part of my role to support all my clients to handle whatever comes up on the journey.


Becoming the best version of yourself, and living the life you want, requires a willingness to face the challenges and work with courage.


In my experience, the journey of coaching is well worth the effort.

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