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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come alone?

Yes! Authentic Nature retreats are generally aimed at individuals coming together to form a group for the duration of the retreat, with the option of staying connected after the official retreat is over.

Do I need any experience to join?

You don't need any experience to join. We will have a chat as part of your application process to understand where you are at in your personal development journey. In advance of the retreat we will connect to share the main concepts and prepare you to join.

How do I get there?

Our retreats are held in different physical locations around Europe and the world. Depending on the location, details about how to join us will be provided well in advance of the start date. Options for travel and arrival will also be shared.

What can I expect

You can expect the unexpected! There will be a mix of adventure, connection, support, challenge, learning and more. Our retreats are designed to be a powerful and supportive part of your development journey. Much of what you can expect will come from where you are on your own path.

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