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Our aim is to help you develop positive transformation and wellbeing in your life, work and community. Authentic Nature programs are designed to develop awareness, intention, choice, relationship and action.


We have all been shaped by the elements around us, which means we show up with certain limitations and conditions based on our past. We believe it is vital to step up and face the uncertain reality we all have ahead of us. To do this, we are aware of how important it is to operate from a deep sense of authenticity. This means having enough awareness to make choices in support of our own needs, but also the needs of others, the needs of systems we are part of and the needs of the world around us.


We invite you to get in touch, and to find out how we can partner with you to develop you own awareness and strengths to explore identity, meaning, success, healing and belonging. We are here to support you.

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The Door, by Adrienne Rich,

Either you will go through this door,

or you will not go through.


If you go through,

there is always the risk of remembering your name. 


Things look at you doubly

and you must look back and let them happen.


If you do not go through, it is possible to live worthily,
to maintain your attitudes,

to hold your position, to die bravely.

But much will blind you, much will evade you,

at what cost who knows?


The door itself makes no promises.

It is only a door.

Image by Sergei Akulich
Image by Adam Kool
Image by Aditya Siva
Image by Jocelyne Yvonne
Image by Arthur Poulin
Image by Robson Hatsukami Morgan

Find out who you are, and be that person. Find out about the world around you, and take your place. Explore your path, live your path, seek opportunities to grow, and everything else will follow.

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As a coach and guide, my purpose is to bring people into relationship with their deepest levels of self-awareness, to the natural and animate world we all exist within, and then to support them to take informed action. I believe this involves an attitude of continually seeking perspectives, truths and edges for ourselves, rather than relying on the narratives and expectations of others. I hope to wake people up to their potential, their authenticity, their choices and their place in the world. The rest, I believe, takes care of itself. We are always part of a bigger picture than we are often aware of. I therefore take a systemic approach to my coaching and guiding. I am continually developing my own relationship to self, parts, nature and the unseen, that is a powerful ally in this ongoing process.

- Tom Goldstein: Founder, guide and coach

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