Authentic Nature supports you to understand who you are, how you show up in this world and what you want to do about that. Our aim is to help you develop positive transformation and wellbeing in your life and work. We believe it is important to step up and face the uncertain reality we all have ahead of us. To do this, we notice how important it is to operate from a deep sense of authenticity, and to have enough awareness to make choices in how we think and behave that support our own needs. It also means we need to be aware of the needs and patterns of those around us and the systems we are part of.

Authentic Nature programs are designed to develop awareness, intention and choice in powerful and sustainable ways. Like the natural world, we have all been shaped by the elements around us and by our own inner nature. We often show up with limitations and conditions based on our past - this means we may be missing our own potential. We therefore partner with nature to help you to develop you own awareness and strengths, to find your own identity, meaning, success and belonging.

Our invitation to you is to get in touch, and to find out how you can bring more intention, awareness and choice to your future, through coaching, nature and adventure, with the Authentic Nature team.

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Find out who you are, and be that person. Find out about the world around you, and take your place. Explore your path, live your path, seek opportunities to grow, and everything else will follow.

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"My purpose is to connect people to their deepest levels of self-awareness, and then to take action from this place. For me, this involves an attitude of continually seeking our own truths and edges, while also being aware of what is going on for others. I believe it is about connecting to what’s real for each of us rather than relying on the narratives that have been conditioned into us and our communities. I coach to wake people up to their potential, their authenticity, their happiness and how they show up in the world. The rest, I believe, takes care of itself. While it is easy to focus on just the individual, truth always involves our whole environment. Therefore I take a systemic approach, whether I'm working with individuals, couples, teams or organisations. I have found, through my own personal experience and working with clients, that nature is a powerful ally in this ongoing process."

- Tom Goldstein: Founder, guide and coach

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